Hottest food trends at seafood restaurants

From cool weather to autumn leaves, pumpkin-pie and grand thanksgiving feast – Everything you love is here again. Wake-up, it’s your favorite month “October.” beside this, do you know this cool, breezy month is also known as the Nation Seafood Month? This means it is a month when seafood restaurants in Brooklyn are the busiest. 

Seafood – clams, salmon, shellfish, octopus, tuna, and eel – plays an important role in almost every dining tradition. Like any other field, seafood restaurants also face new food and culinary trends each year. However, these food trends come and go, which mostly depend on customer’s demand. Although seafood restaurant owners must keep up with the latest food trends to grow their business, as a customer, it is good for you as well to know what’s popular. This will help you to never miss out a new fishy addition or trend when it comes to seafood. Also, it will give you insight into popular seafood dishes that you must try. 

If you’re a seafood lover, then you should get yourself familiar with the latest food trends to look for at seafood restaurants. 

Crab-topped fish dishes – With the changing tastes and unquenchable curiosity of a new generation, chefs of today are taking the seafood game to another level in terms of taste and creativity. As a result, you can see seafood restaurants topping all types of fish fillets, such as tilapia, redfish and ahi tuna with crab. This increasingly popular trend follows the meat-on-meat trend and then surf-and-turf combos. 

Fish-belly – In the last year or two, pork belly entrées and appetizers managed to remain on the top of restaurant menus across the United States. Another popular trend seen in fine-dining restaurants is the fish belly. In fact, over the past three years, the number of fish belly dishes served have increased by 8.1 percent. 

Redfish as the new Chilean sea bass – In recent times, redfish dishes are becoming an extremely popular trend in seafood restaurants. The sales of redfish have increased to 16.7 percent in the second quarter of 2018. 

Seacuterie – It is a mixture of seafood and charcuterie. In most cases, it is shellfish and fish preserved in some way using the same techniques seen with meats. Apart from shrimp and oysters, seacuterie is another popular shareable seafood. 

Eight-legged creatures – Octopus “an eight-tentacled creature” is making a splash in seafood restaurants. In fact, an octopus has been a part of countless dishes in various Asian cultures. However, it is definitely new to American culture.

To conclude – These are some of the most popular restaurant seafood trends going around in the United States. Initially, seafood was only an important part of Hawaii and Asian food culture. But today with the changing taste, even American and Italian food cultures are also adding seafood to their menus. Love Italian as well as seafood? Search for one of the best Italian seafood restaurants in Brooklyn

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